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Hello, hello, hope you're doing well!! I'm opening commissions again so feel free to note me :)


Commissions in hiatus
:bulletorange::iconnainie:(paid /still waiting for further description):star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
:bulletorange::iconariade:(paid waiting for reply):star::star-empty::star-empty:

:iconkamikokudo::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: (sketch sent but not paid)


I do sketch, lineart, color picture, all on A4 size.

I just accept paypal >___<
( et les cheques pour les francophones)
The artworks are sent to you by email, on A4 size, 300 DPI (high resolution jpeg)

I do :
-Original character
-Fanart character
-Shounen-ai/ yaoi

I don't do :
-Yaoi -hard yaoi
-Porn - hardcore
-Morbid artwork

:rose:TRADITIONNAL B&W (copic marker):rose:
::bulletorange: portrait 40€ (shipping price included)

traditionnal ( copic) B/W commissions by eagiel

:rose: LINEART :rose:

:bulletorange:portrait (from face to bust) 7€ / 10$

:bulletorange: 1 full body character 10€ / 15$

At the beach by eagielcommission by eagielCommission Noa and Nouri by eagielcommission Francois and Julien by eagielCommission Simon by eagielCommission Julie by eagielCommission Hiroka Devlynn by eagiel
Commission Arioka by eagielCommission Kiba and Jaden by eagielCommission Milo by eagielCommission by eagielIce bucket challenge (commission) by eagielCommission Radamanthys and OC by eagielCommission Camus Radamanthys by eagielCommission selfies by eagielJethro and Aika by eagielNasepha and Sabina by eagiel

:rose: BLACK AND WHITE :rose:

:bulletorange:portrait (from face to bust) 15€ / 20$

:bulletorange: 1 full body character 20€ /27$

Kat and Demo by eagiel Commission for pikacheeka by eagielCommission : elemental blaze: by eagiel Commission for Seiyaku20 by eagielcommission Cartagia by eagielcommission Goran by eagielcommission Sakura by eagielcommission Sebastian by eagielcommission Friedrich and Zoltana by eagielcommission Antoine by eagielConnor Kenway commission by eagiel
Commissions by eagielCom Flare and Kai by eagielCom Daniel by eagielCommission Rhain by eagielcommission  Anika Shiro by eagielCommission Selenna by eagielCommission Edward by eagiel
Commission Andrew by eagielCommission William by eagielCommission Kain by eagielCommission Izanagi by eagielCommission Elinor by eagielCommission Lucia by eagielCommission Lucas Evan by eagielCommission Alasdair by eagielCommission Mariposa Dorada chara by eagielCommission Saitou by eagielCommission Alaska Espagna by eagielCommission Mariposa Dorada chara 2 by eagielCommission OC Hitsuji Shiro by eagielMilo by eagielConstantine by eagielCommission by eagielCommission by eagiel

:rose: COLOR :rose:

:bulletorange:portrait (from face to bust) 27€ / 37$ 

:bulletorange: 1 full body character 37€ / 47$
( the price is different if you ask for a background a character with "special clothing" (like armor etc)or for others characters you want in the pic)

:bulletorange: more complex picture: like this oneGaruda by eagiel 150€ or more

Commission by eagiel Lovers by eagiel Pain by eagiel at Japan Expo by eagiel Fairy song by eagiel Shall we dance? by eagiel Galaxy by eagiel Hanabi by eagiel Photo by eagiel starry sky by eagiel Commission work: Heliossa by eagiel under the tree by eagiel Shannah and Kei by eagiel commission kuroyume85 by eagiel commission feliane by eagiel Commission Aecha by eagiel commission Abel and Alysia by eagiel commission feliane by eagiel Commission Reiga and Haruka by eagielKern and Raffel by eagielHaneka and Link by eagielcommission Scayn Kohran et Alexine Kohran by eagielcommission by eagielCommission Katherine and Shaerus by eagielcommission Hisham by eagielcommission Arc and Alastor by eagielcommission Glen and Cody by eagielCommission Japan and Alaska by eagielcommission Marcus and Carat by eagielPhyrra and Camus by eagielcommission by eagielcommission Katja by eagielcommission golden dragon by eagielcommission Clange by eagielcommission Naruto OC Yuzuki Kuromori by eagielcommission Dey by eagielCommission Lea-Lae by eagielCommission OC Rena by eagielCommission Sameru by eagielCommission Minos and OC by eagielcommission work Kamina and Tylo by eagielSarah commission by eagielcommission Joryel by eagielcommission Issang by eagielCommission Gexane by eagielGedeon Commission by eagielCommission by eagielCommission Oracle by eagielLonikai Commission by eagielCom Minzy and Lena by eagielcommission Rusty Mcsteam by eagielCommission Lyron Lefolia by eagielcommission Taera by eagielCommission Suzaku by eagielCommission by eagielCommission Morgan and Narya by eagielcommission Firall by eagielCommission Levi and Mikasa by eagielCommission Teppei and OC Yuki by eagielcommission by eagielCommission by eagielCommission Radamanthys by eagielCommission Bloody Thorn  Cover by eagielClange and his girl by eagielCommission Lyron by eagiel

* they are estimated price, they can change due to the complexity of what you ask*

If you're interested, please send me a note, and please complete this form :

Your name:
Contact information:
Type of picture: (portrait or fullbody)
How many characters you want:
Any details about the character(s):
-For your character's description, if you want a lineart picture, you don't have to make a color description about your character(s)-
-eye colors
-hair description
-reference (if you have one)
others (tattoo etc)
Details of background (if you wish one)

When I get your note, I reply to you and ask you for more information.About the payment, I'll accepted half/half (before the sketch and before the final commission piece), and full payment before I start your commission. I can't accept payment after the sketch, due to some people who doesn't paid me.
The picture/credit are yours when I get the full payment, and I have the right to submit it on community art site, portefolios, are LJ :).

:rose: Thank you :rose:


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Eagiel TS
:iconeeriefaery: and I had a storenvy!

twitter: Eagiel_ts

tumblr: eagiel

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AngelGanev Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Awesome works! Looking forward to seeing more from you! :)
eagiel Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thank you very much!!!!:heart:
AngelGanev Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Sarahbeth-Lazic Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Professional Writer
I just wanted to let you know that Bloody Thorn has been published.  Now, everybody can bow down to your amazing art skills.  :)  Thank you so much for saving my cover for the book at the last minute.  You're such a love! <3…
eagiel Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015
thank you for letting me know!!! :hugs:
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